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Sustainability at HNLWS-Waikiki Collection Group

Honolulu Sustainability | Waikiki Collection Gallery

Sustainability in Honolulu

As a pioneer in sustainability, The Waikiki Collection recognizes our unique kuleana, or responsibility, to preserve one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Together with our guests, associates, partners, vendors and owners, we are committed to doing our part to build a better tomorrow, for Hawaii and the world.

Take a trip that gives back: 3 easy ways to plan a sustainable Hawaii trip.

  • Sustainable Hawaii Trip Easy Way One

    By packing your own water bottle, you can avoid single-use plastics, which have a harmful effect on the environment. For events, we offer water filling stations to complement your meeting space, making it easy to stay hydrated and lessen your impact on the world around us. ​

  • Sustainable Hawaii Trip Easy Way Two

    The relationship between people and place grows stronger every time you malama (give back to) the land, the ocean, or the community. The Waikiki Collection offers various voluntourism options to complement your meetings and create a meaningful connection between you and this special place. ​

  • Sustainable Hawaii Trip Easy Way Three

    Hawaii was the first state to prevent bleaching of coral and other damage to the islands' ocean habitat by prohibiting sunscreen that contains harmful chemicals. We offer complementary reef-safe sunscreen to help protect both the ocean's fragile ecosystem and your guests alike.​

    Sustainability Achievements and Awards

    Sustainability Achievements and Awards

    Our leadership in the sustainability space has been recognized by both global and local organizations.​

    We currently hold the following awards:​

    • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold, U.S. Green Building Council​
    • Energy Star certification​
    • State of Hawaii Green Business Program Award
    Award-Winning Energy-Efficient Pool Complexes

    Award-Winning Energy-Efficient Pool Complexes

    Many of our event spaces are powered by green energy. For example, Sheraton Waikiki's expansive pool deck—one of our signature outdoor spaces—is powered by excess heat using condenser water to be more energy-efficient.
    Commitment on Farm to Table

    Commitment on Farm to Table

    Supporting local is important to us, as when our community prospers, everyone reaps the benefits. The Waikiki Collection has committed to reaching over 70% local produce and fresh fish/eggs/poultry by dollar amount in 2023. This commitment will hold true for banquet menus + other food and beverage options during your event with us.
    Sustainable Events & Meetings

    Sustainable Events & Meetings

    The following options are possible to make your event even more green:​

    • Linenless banquet table options​
    • Meeting amenities set at stations instead of each seat​
    • Function space equipped with blue recycle bins, upon request​
    • China and glassware instead of disposable at most Events​
    • Air conditioning for function rooms is turned on and off by event schedules​
    • Onsite and Offsite "Malama Hawaii" Volunteer Activities​